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Enable a hassle-free and easy lifestyle with Smart Home Automation

OLight Smart Home solution involves using a central system to control all the electrical devices in your house. So instead of manually turning on and off each device, you can simply tell the system when you want something turned on or off, and it will do so automatically. It saves time by automating routine tasks such as turning lights on and off at night, controlling heating and cooling systems, scheduling cleaning services, and more. It's also convenient because you don't have to remember to turn these things on and off anymore. And finally, it can help you save money by reducing energy consumption. OLight Smart Home Automation simplifies your life at home, whether it's a new build or an existing home, and truly brings you a 21st century digital lifestyle.

Lighting Automation

Control your home lighting, fans, air conditioning, and other appliances remotely using an app or programme to turn off automatically at night or increase/decrease after an optimal time duration following a motion detect event in the room.

Full Control Panel Via Mobile Apps

With just one touch, you can control your home. Olight makes it simple to take charge of your home’s comfort. Make everyday a great day within your fingertips.

Voice Control

You can control smart home with your just your voice. Simply use your voice to talk to them to control your home. Voice control home makes a smart house even smarter.

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