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Our Services

Fully future-proof, the LED lighting technology delivers exceptional brightness, energy saving and reliability. With it, we offer Malaysia's most competitive LED lighting system and visual design at lowest price guarantee.

Lighting Consultant

We has been in the LED Lighting industry for more than 14 years. This industry is an ever-changing industry where new products & ideas are always coming up. We have noticed most of the people is struggling to find the suitable product & services for them. Hence, we provide a detailed & insightful consultation to understand what our customer is looking for and guide our customer to get the best from our LED Lighting. This has made us become one of the most reliable LED Lighting Supplier in Malaysia.

Lighting Design & Installation

To ensure our customer getting a hassle-free experience, OLight also provide installation services for our LED Lighting to our beloved clients. We have a team of highly trained workers with excellence craftsmanship that will install the LED Lighting for you at your place. We will arrange the delivery & installation schedule based on your availability. You are welcome to inspect the final outcome. As the top LED Lighting Supplier in Malaysia, our team has received 0% of return rate for our products after installation.

Custom LED Lighting

In OLight, we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction for our customer and fulfil the most of our customer’s request. Our LED Light is customizable to ensure it fits your requirements.

Smart Lighting

A smart, connected lighting system is part of a local, wireless, decentralized network with local or cloud-based intelligence. Data is collected from sensors on the lampposts, being cameras, daylight, movements or noise detection, and processed to derive optimal energy-efficient and safety-supporting operation of the public lighting.

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