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Fully future-proof, the LED lighting technology delivers exceptional brightness, energy saving and reliability. With it, we offer Malaysia's most competitive LED lighting system and visual design at lowest price guarantee.

Customised LED Light

OLight has been involved, both directly and indirectly, in many different types of LED solutions, for example:

  • Outdoor lighting of bridges, property facades, passages and paths
  • Hallway lighting for nursing homes and hospitals
  • Renovation of elevators with LED ceilings
  • Lighting of shelves and cabinets, for example, display cases
  • Lighting for signage, both indoors and outdoors
  • Lighting for sheds and information stands
  • Custom engineered architectural lighting
  • Standard fixtures (square, rectangular, etc.)

In practice, there is a wide range of possibilities for how our lighting can be designed, fitted and shaped, and it is only your imagination which sets the limits. This is utilised, for example, by architects, who see an opportunity to revitalise earlier designs with customised composite plates and LED placements.

There’s something really special about coming home to a space that makes you feel comfortable and inviting the moment you walk in the door. The magic of lighting is that it can create a beautifully inspiring ambience that instantly elevates your style

With Olight service, our accredited lighting designers will help you create a stunning interior that brings your lighting design dreams to life.

We come to your home and develop a customised lighting plan that’s on-trend and on budget. We provide you recommendations on the ideal lights for your home.

Get your light right with Olight Lighting Consultant, we have :

  • Expert advice and solutions for beautiful and functional lighting in your home
  • Sustainable lighting options that will create luxurious effects in every room
  • A clear design with everything required for purchasing and installation
  • Design light that is functional, dynamic and enhances your living spaces

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