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O LIGHT system do not refund returned products so please choose carefully. Authorized returns will result in a replacement product or a credit note. The only exclusions to this refund policy are for goods not yet shipped where product bought cannot be sourced within a reasonable amount of time from the manufacturer.

Processing credits

A credit note will normally be issued within 7 days of us receiving the goods returned in accordance with our returns policy, with the exception of goods that are not obviously faulty and may require testing.

Where a product is returned because you believe it is faulty and the fault cannot be observed by our internal testing, the product may need to be tested by the manufacturer. In such cases, the testing process may result in delays of up to 28 days before we can determine whether a credit note will be issued.

The credit note which is issued can then be used as a payment against future purchases.

In some circumstances, we may elect that a replacement product or repair is sufficient remedy instead of a credit note. This election will be at our sole discretion, but will only occur after consultation with you. If we elect to have a product replaced or repaired, we will do this at our cost and return the product (or its replacement) to you promptly.